What I Learned from Hemp Farmers

Last week I attended the Hemp and CBD Connex Conference in Portland, Oregon. It was my first event vending Mini Canna Lab and I was not sure what to expect from this segment of the cannabis industry. Although I had developed Mini Canna Lab for those like myself, homegrowers and home medicine makers, I knew it could be a very useful tool for those in the industry as well. Especially since lab R&D testing is between $75 and $100 per test here in Portland. Which can get pricey if trying to experiment with different strains and processes.

So I introduced myself to my fellow vendors in my area and waited to see what would happen. Most people really wanted to know if the test could help them pass the Oregon state test. Hemp needs to test under .35% THC. Otherwise the crop could be destroyed. I firmly informed anyone asking that Mini Canna Lab will not verify to the tenth of a percent. However, it could verify that a product or plant was under 1% which may still be useful for some.

I also decided to test some of the flower and products live at the event. I did not have a toaster oven to decarb samples so I used a field method of heating the spotted samples with a lighter for 30 seconds. This works in a pinch and will give a good profile, although will not fully decarb the sample and will therefore be off with the potency chart.

I took the first plate out early so a potential customer could see it. This isn't something I recommend but since I am familiar with the test I was confident I would read it correctly. Oh ego!

According to my own labels, the large circle lines up perfectly with the THC spot. And the dot above would naturally be CBD. So I wondered out-loud why a "hot" sample would be at a Hemp and CBD show?

So I took the sample home to decarb and test it "properly". I left it in to the line and checked it again.

This time the space lined up correctly. But there were no circles above the CBD. So I wondered again, what are these cannabinoids!?!

At the show the next day, I again used a raw sample and did a field decarb with the lighter. Again the spots showed up.

So I realized the main circle was of course CBD (duh we are at a hemp show) but I had never seen the other spots before in testing over 1000 samples in 3 years!

Now I was kind of excited! What were these spots!

Thankfully there was another testing vendor a few spaces down. He had a nice piece of equipment selling for $30,000 to test on the spot (nice option for those with large farms and budgets!). I determined the first spot above the CBD space was CBDV. And the one above that, CBDN.

Wonderful! I googled both and realized CBDV is in many experiments involved in the nervous system. I did not find much on CBDN but haven't done a full on research day. Looking forward to not only finding out more, but trying to replicate a high heat, short time decarb to get these cannabinoids to show up again. I will be trying it with my daughter to see how it affects her seizure activity. Stay tuned!

So thank you Hemp and CBD farmers, processors, and event planners. I met many amazing people with super creative inventions and feel extremely blessed to have participated in this event. Looking forward to more!

For updated information on how to use Mini Canna Lab for R&D testing see r&d testing.