THC vs CBD Choosing a Strain

Short Story:  CBD has made headline news for its ability to help children with the most severe seizure disorders.  THC is known to reverse cancer.  Each cannabinoid helps everyone in different and unique ways.  For many patients, the STRAIN is more important then just the numbers associated with a flower or product.

Long Story:  We each metabolize drugs differently and cannabis is no different.  Use other people’s experiences as a starting point but try not to get too attached to a belief in a certain cannabinoids benefits as they may not work with your body in the same way they do with others.  In fact, you may have to try several different strains to find the right medicine just as you would in pharmaceutical meds.

Originally I was going to list each cannabinoid and what they are reported to help. But as more and more people testify online, it seems that there is no guide.  All cannabindoids help everyone in different ways.  And again, the combinations in each strain are a key element to your medication helping.

For a child with epilepsy, especially Dravet, it may be best to start with a high CBD product.  If this does not help add more THC.  For Ruby, we found we needed more THC and are currently using cannabis oil from the Harlequin strain.  This has about 11% CBD and 6%THC.  And her needs have changed over time.  

We have used Charlotte’s Web, Jayden’s Juice, oil from a very high THC strain called Vortex, and also currently use a high THC oil for nights when her seizures are particularly bad.

Cannabis also helps with behavioral issues, Autism, and ADHD.  Starting with a high CBD strain seems to be most used by parents in internet forums.  If you child is battling cancer or pain, THC is a good starting point .

A side note: Although cannabis is a very adaptive drug, it does not cure everything.  It may not even help.  If you decide to try cannabis and realize it is not working for you, stop. On the flip side it may be helping in unexpected ways.  Perhaps you are trying to stop seizures, but instead your non-verbal child begins to make syllables.  Or your aggressive child is oddly calm.    Or depending on what the problem is perhaps try a different strain or combination.  But overall, listen to your child and your observations of your child.

On seizures: Seizures are caused by a variety of reasons.  From tumors, to syndromes, to unknown causes.  They are even located in different areas of the brain.  So it is not a one size fits all.  If starting with CBD makes sense, which it will especially if your child has Dravet Syndrome, choose a high CBD strain or oil.  If your child has undiagnosed epilepsy you may opt for more THC.  All of this is dependent on your access and your personal situation.  All cannabis contain cannabinoids and, therefore, has the possibility of helping.