Short Story:  I currently test my own meds for the cannabinoid profile.  I trust my results more than most labs.  If you are in the state of Oregon and wish to have your meds tested please see Pricing in Oregon.  If you are in another state or country please see  Outside of Oregon to order and perform your own test.

Long Story:  When I began making medicine for my daughter, I wanted to get it tested.  I wasn’t as worried about pesticides, I knew how it was grown, but I did want to know the potency.  Meaning the amounts of THC and CBD.  At the time testing was running between $50 and $100.  I used several different labs and results were limited to THC and CBD at a few.  A few of the labs showed CBC, CBG, CBN. THCA. and CBDA.  I began to figure out how the testing was performed, usually either by Gas Chromatography or High Performance Liquid Chromatography.  Both had pros and cons.  I met one lab owner who pointed out the faults in how lab techs were analyzing results.

I found an at home test kit online using Thin Layer Chromatography.  This is a method used by many in the industry especially in Amsterdam.  I decided I would make the investment and ordered the kit and took a class from a local chemist at a college on a Saturday afternoon.  Results were mixed at first.  There was a learning curve to the procedure.  But one year and several hundred tests later, I will use nothing else.

I now offer test kits and testing services to others wanting the same info.  If you are in Oregon, the I offer the kit and perform the test for you.  If you are Outside of Oregon, or prefer to test your own,  I offer to send you a small home test kit, teach you how to test and help you analyze your results.  I can also refer you to larger test retailers if you are interested in purchasing in bulk.  I am still available for interpreting results if you need help.

Longer stories: