Cannabis Pros and Cons

Short Story: Cannabis has been life saving for many children and adults around the world.  However, some people are wary of  marijuana either having a negative experience themselves or witnessing others.  Some are worried about the governments’ messages over the past century.

Long story:  Marijuana has been used as a medicine for thousands of years (see A Brief History of MMJ).  For the past 80 years, a it has been prohibited nearly worldwide.  During this time there was limited research but the US government did manage to patent cannabinoids.  If you have any doubt of the healing properties of cannabis, and are concerned about the legality of this herb, I highly recommend you read the patents. Patent 6630507 and Patent 1999053917.

Like most drugs, it is possible to take too much cannabis.  However, unlike opiods, alcohol, and benzos, and AED’s,  it will not kill you.  There are no CB receptors in the brain stem and will not shut down your brain or physiological functions as these others can in an overdose.  THC is the most well known  component of cannabis that is considered psychoactive.  This simply means affecting the mind or behavior.  (Alcohol is also a psychoactive drug).  Common reported side effects of  marijuana include paranoia, dizziness, increased hunger, tired, or feeling really happy. There have been reports of increased heart rates so if your child has a heart condition it is wise to be extra cautious.

There are also cases where even overdosing on CBD is possible.  Ruby is an example of this.  The first time we used Hemp oil, Real Hemp Oil purchased on Amazon of course, I did not understand how to dose.  I was rubbing some on her gums and sublingual.  But it was difficult to determine the right amount.  One night she had a terrible seizure which I attribute to the oil.  Later, when she was on the Epidiolex trial, (pharmaceutical version of  CBD)  she was up to nearly 50mg of CBD per day.  Again she was having seizures out of the ordinary.  This was advocated in the trial and before we knew about her inability to process drugs.  My daughter is currently taking  around 2mg per day. There may be some kids out there who need that much but I don’t think that is the norm.

Longer Stories: 

Here is an interesting chart on causes of death in the US.   Spoiler:  Cannabis has caused zero deaths.