Beginner's Guide to Making Cannabis Oil

Short Story:  There are a million different ways to make cannabis oil but the basic steps are all the same.  This is an simple, efficient method that anyone can make in the privacy of their home for treating their child, parent, or loved one.  If you are a visual learner please see multiple videos and methods on YouTube or in the Blog section of this website.

Long Story:  The amount of information on the "best" method to make oil from marijuana is overwhelming.  You may think you cannot even do this yourself.  You can.  This is a simple, cost effective method requiring no special apparatus and no worry of fire.


Cannabis  30g/1oz (use what you have and adjust the other items accordingly). Dried (wait at least 2 weeks from time it is cut down).

Food grade alcohol.  This means sold for drinking.  Any kind.  If you have access to grain alcohol such as Everclear you can use that. Get the highest proof/% available.

1 mason jar

1 pan/pie plate


Step 1: Cook or decarboxylate your cannabis.  See Decarboxylation for more info.  Use any oven safe pan (I prefer glass) covered with aluminum foil.  If you do not have an oven use a pot for the stovetop.  It helps to have an accurate thermometer to measure heat.   Heat the cannabis at 115c/240f for 45 minutes.  Save this pan for later (do not wash).

Step 2:  Blend, cut, chop, or grind the marijuana with whatever utensil or appliance is easiest for you.  This is simply to get it to a smaller size so you can use less alcohol.

Step 3: Cover with alcohol.  Usually around 1 cup/340 grams.

Step 4: Let sit for 3 minutes up to several months. Yes, everyone's favorite method varies that much.  The more you let it sit the more plant matter it will collect and the more oil you will get.  But in the end but the medicinal components are the same with the shorter wash and the longer.    Some people want just the trichome tips and others want the whole plant.  Your choice.

Step 5: Strain the alcohol into a  the same pan from the decarb process as there will be some trichomes left on the pan.  Use any type of fine material, cheese cloth, pillowcase, or coffee filter. This may take awhile.  The finer the strainer, the longer it will take to pass through but the less you will strain later.

Step 6:  Leave the pan/plate out overnight with a fan blowing on it, or in front of a window.  Air circulating helps evaporate the alcohol faster.  The more surface area the quicker it will evaporate.  If you leave it in a jar or cup this process will take much longer.

Step 7: Depending on what kind of alcohol you used there will be a little water on top of the sticky resin that has collected in the bottom of the pan.  Let it sit longer to evaporate the water,  or soak it up gently with a paper towel, or gently heat it to no more than 100c/212f to help it evaporate faster.  Try not to heat over this.

Step 8: At this point you have your medicine.  It is easier to work with if you dilute it in another oil such as coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil or any other oil of your choice.  Heat the pan gently in the oven or stovetop and add your oil of choice. Dilute the medicine approximately 20:1.  Example: Add 1oz/30ml to 1ml cannabis oil.   If you started with 1oz/30g of cannabis you should have 1ml-3ml resin.  If you are unsure just add an 1oz/30ml oil and start dosing very small.

Step 9: Begin treatment.  Pour this into a small medicine bottle with dropper. Start with a small dose.  One drop.  Slowly work up until symptoms subside or cancer is regressing.  More on dosing here.

Longer Stories: