The most accurate cannabinoids profile is from a fully decarbed sample.  If you are unsure if your sample is decarbed or want to know more about decarboxylation please click here. If you do not have time or access to decarb see step 7 below in FULL INSTRUCTIONS.


General decarb formula 240F/115C for 40 minutes.  See DECARBOXYLATION .


Test the sample after 1-6 months of curing to see how it has decarbed.  Test the sample after using preferred decarb methods. 


See "Results" for more information.  Test at different stages of growth and processing for information on cannabinoid conversions.



*This test is not as useful for products under 1% per gram (10mg per GRAM or ML).  

**This test is difficult to use with alcohol or glycerin based products. 

***Please Contact if wanting to use for either of these types of products before purchasing.




If no scale is available, guess the size and weight of 2 peas (.10g) if using flower or an edible, 4 drops of oil, a smear of concentrate or pinch of hash. 

Sample Type

  • flower  -----------------------.10 g (100mg)

  • extract/concentrate -------  .05 g (50mg)

  • oil/butter/balm  ----------  .10 g (100mg)

  • edible --------------------- .10 g (100mg)


Each kit comes with 2 dye trays and 2 plates

There are 2 samples per plate.

It is possible to test 4 different samples, but 2 must be tested at the same time.

The plates are covered with silica and are very sensitive to touch. Do not touch or scrape the face of the plate only the sides. When dotting the sample, do so carefully and softly.

The bottle of test fluid will evaporate quickly. Keep lid on when not in use.

Use tests in a timely manner and in one sitting (do not test over several hours as the test fluid in the samples will evaporate).

The test will take approximately 30 minutes not including decarb time.

Please read the warnings thoroughly. If disposing of small amount of test fluid, simply set outside overnight and the fluid will have evaporated.

The dye powder is in the trays with dissolvable tape over it. After adding water to the tray, BE CAREFUL not to spill. The dye is clear, but will dye skin, clothes, counter-tops, and sinks (gloves included). The tape will not dissolve completely. To dispose, place a paper towel in the tray, or allow to evaporate, and put in trash.

Store test kit in a cool dark place. If not using the kit within one week, store the dye trays in the refrigerator. This test kit is good for 6 months from date of purchase.




Weigh sample on scale. ( Easiest way is to tare the test tube and put sample directly into tube.)


Insert tubes into X's on box front to hold upright.


Using dropper, add 1 ml test fluid to each.


Close test tubes and shake. Use provided paperclips to gently push flower into test tube until covered by fluid. Rest 15 minutes and shake again.


**NOTE: Edibles (or other hard samples) need to be completely dissolved in test fluid before testing.  Sometimes this takes several hours and occasionally days to fully dissolve.  Speed up process by warming the sample before adding to test tube, shaking often, stirring with paperclip, or blending before adding to test tube.  If the product is not dissolving, it may not be useful to test the sample.


Prepare test plate by positioning the 2 dots at the bottom.


 Making sure the metal plunger is flush with the bottom of the glass pipette, insert into test tube fluid. Gently pull metal plunger up. Adjust so only 2 notches are filled with fluid (there are 5 in total). If the plunger needs to be pushed down to 2 notches, gently dab the excess fluid on paper towel.


Test on napkin or tissue by putting the tip down and pushing the plunger in. The spot should be small and circular.


When confident, repeat on dots on the glass. Let plate dry for 2 minutes.


Raw/Un-decarbed sample:

Using a lighter, place flame ON BACK side of plate (the glass side) and hold flame for 10 seconds under each dot.  This essentially "decarbs" the sample in the same way smoking does.  


Put 2ml test fluid in developing chamber.


Gently place glass plate with 2 dots at the bottom into the developing chamber along a flat side.


Cover chamber with lid gently. DO NOT SHAKE OR MOVE chamber while tightening lid or while developing.


Wait as test fluid travels up plate to the top. (approx 15min).


Remove plate from chamber and place on a paper towel to dry for 2 minutes.


Prepare dye tray. Add approximately 2 tsp water into tray. Stir gently with a paperclip until tape is mostly dissolved and the dye is mixed.


Use a gloved hand to dip the plate face down into the dye bath. Remove and dry on paper towel for 15 minutes or until dry to touch.


Analyze results.