Making and Using Cannabis Oil at Home

Learn how to make and use cannabis oil at home.  This 42 page full color guide will clarify and educate readers on different methods of extraction, why each one is useful, how to determine a dose, and tips for purchasing cannabis products in dispensaries.  It empowers readers with the knowledge to make decisions based on personal preferences.


Wow!  This is a short book but not a short read.  Each sentence contains useful information.  Although I have worked in the cannabis industry for over 10 years I never made the connections presented in this book.  It presents extraction methods in a way I had not considered.  Each method does have pros and cons.  The section on calculating a dose is eye opening.  Now I wonder why are there not more cohesive labeling laws!  The author is constantly reminding the reader to make choices and try products to find out what works best.  It is so true that we all respond to things we put in and on our bodies in different ways.  Great reminder!  Thanks for this super clear guide.  

Abby B. --- Portland Grower and Budtender

Exactly what I was looking for.  I have been trying to research and find out why so many people have different recipes and instructions for making oil.  I thought certain ways were better than others.  I was also getting mixed advice from local dispensaries.  One employee would tell me one thing and another employee would tell me something completely different.  After reading this guide, I now have an overall idea about what makes sense to me, what questions to ask, and what products I will be looking for in the future.


Marcie G. --- Palo Alto Patient 

After I bought a Mini Cannalab, I decided to get the Kindle version of Cannabis Concepts.  The information really clears up some questions I had about how to use the Lab results for different types of analysis.  Now I am testing my clones before I flower them to make sure they are what I am expecting.  I have had a few surprises!

Don H. ---  Portland Grower