Years of Research Shared
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  The Wild Weed was created in an attempt to bring all of the information scattered around the internet into one location, so that one can find needed information quickly and easily. 


When I started researching cannabis for my daughter over 5 years ago, it was difficult to find the information I was looking for.  Now the amount of information is overwhelming.  And contradictory.  And difficult to wade through with many claiming their way or their product is "the best".   


I began making videos showing several methods of making cannabis oil.  The idea was to make them over and over using different common household items just to show how easy it can be using whatever is available or makes sense to each individual. 


The after the first few videos, the comments suggested to me that a more complete guide would be useful.  A short, succinct, full color photo guide to making, using, and testing cannabis.  This guide is now available.  Cannabis Concepts,  brings together science, research, and anecdotal evidence from thousands of parents on forums across the web. It is currently available in both Kindle and Paperback versions.  If you want to make your own I suggest the paperback as it is easier to read and see.  If you just need the info, the Kindle version is fine but best seen on a larger tablet or screen. 

On the tail end of the guidebook came the idea to offer a mini Thin Layer Chromatography test kit.  A small kit using simple and affordable technology I learned about when when I started making my own oils.  It was this method of testing that brought me the insights and clarity to the questions I had about making cannabis oils.  Although I have tested for many people in the past, I felt empowering more people to test for themselves would be useful.  Mini Canna Lab is now available for anyone interested in knowing more about the cannabinoids in their cannabis and hemp flower and products.  


Our epilepsy journey ......  Ruby's Story

For video learners see the Video Library or go to YouTube.



**If you have landed here, you are already actively engaged in the possibility of cannabis.  I am not here to convince you of anything other than this: educate yourself and take an active role in your medical care (or that of a child).  All too often we rely on the good intentions of a very well educated professional even if it does not make sense to us.  Find a doctor who is willing to listen to your story, your intuition, and your beliefs to help you find a solution.  If you cannot find a doctor, the resources listed around this website will help you take responsibility and liability.