I am an experiencer.  

After the obligatory 16 years of school, I began my real education.  

A short, month long study abroad in Ecuador inspired a life of travel and living and doing what others may consider a vacation.  I live it. 

When I wanted to ski I became a ski instructor, when I wanted to scuba dive I became a diving instructor, when I wanted to live on a tall ship I became a deck hand and instructor of marine science aboard an educational vessel, I was an astronomy instructor, worked for 2 different flight services in Alaska, and led groups of teenagers to the Caribbean, Egypt, Australia, China, and Mexico to live and experience life in other countries. 

When I became a parent, I was ready to continue the journey.  Little did I know my journey would be way different than I had planned.  As any parent knows, there is no plan.  So I experienced again.  Learning so many new things about myself, my child, and the entire world.  All inside of myself.  I didn't need to go anywhere!  This has been the most incredible experience.  Although at times it did not seem that way.

So here I am again experiencing the creating of an informational platform.  A product to sell, services to offer, and the building of a community. 

What is next?  I already have some ideas!  

As you explore this site and read and research, remember you will not know what to do until you experience it for yourself.  Try making your own, try testing your own, try using cannabis to truly know what it can do for you.  The answer may not be what you expect.  But then you will know what to try next.  


For as the saying goes "Words do not teach, only experience teaches."  I wish you all the experiences of life.



I would love to hear about your experiences and what you have learned by living!  Please drop me a line angie@thewildweed.com

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